Monday, October 16, 2006

More BS

People who care to read this blog will get a sense of my interests with this first "Real" post.

The "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" group keeps claiming that "more federal laws" are needed, but conveniently fail to state just what laws they would like passed.

Coincidence? No proclamations from a group of people whose livelihood is dependent on hogging TV cameras and repeating sound bites? Too, too rich.


We have no interest in harassing law-abiding gun owners and the respectable gun dealers who follow the law.
. . . .

With so much uncertainty in today’s world, one would think Congress would be eager to address this glaring problem. Nonetheless, MAIG will continue to hold the federal government accountable for its negligence, even as it works toward solutions. Congress needs to create a common-sense national policy to stop the flow of illegal guns and save lives.

The silence is deafening here . . . .

Let me get one thing straight: These complaints about shady gun dealers and cross-border gun trafficing are already addressed by existing Federal laws.

Want to stop "illegal guns?" Enforce the laws that are already targeting the problem.


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