Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bad Scene in MoCo

State Sen. Patrick Hogan (D) has quit the MD senate to take a lobbying job at the Univ. of MD. As some may remember, Hogan single handedly killed the MoCo attempt to get out of preemption to make its own gun laws - DC style NO DOUBT! As MoCo senate delegation leader, Hogan refused to have the MoCo senators vote on whether to endorse the bill, effectively killing it.

The MoCo Dem central commitee will get to pick Hogan's replacement. Who wants to bet it will be a Chris Van Hollen-esque "Take On The NRA" (whatever that means) tool?

Stay tuned, Marylanders. The new MoCo delegation leader could be Frosh or Garagiola. God forbid - even Lennett is possible.


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