Friday, December 12, 2008

More MoCO home invasions than is reported?

My little blog tries to glean any info on suspected home invasions that official sources will begrudgingly admit. Here is something interesting from the Takoma Park PD:

City of Takoma Park official blog

December 10, 2008
COMMUNITY INFORMATION - A Message from the Chief of Police on Burglaries

Chief Ricucci of the Takoma Park Police Department has received many inquiries and concerns from citizens regarding the influx of residential burglaries in the months of November and December 2008. Most alarming to the citizens is the fact that burglars are entering their homes while they are still in their homes, oftentimes sleeping. Homeowners are waking up to find intruders standing in their residences. Fortunately, in all instances, there has been no threat of violence and the intruder or intruders have left without incident.

The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is working around the clock focusing on these rash of burglaries. They are working together with our Crime Analyst, who is working with the surrounding jurisdictions of Prince George’s County, Montgomery County and the District of Columbia. The Tactical Enforcement Unit (TEU) is conducting a specific detail, in plainclothes, focusing their efforts and strategies to apprehending the subject(s) responsible for these crimes. The Chief has placed extra patrol units throughout the City in an effort to make police presence even more visible. ( . . .more)

This is very interesting, because my MoCO Home invasion updates didn't really seem to have info on many "hot" burglaries in TP during that time. Maybe a PRA request is in order?



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