Monday, October 16, 2006

Another idiot

I am a peaceable guy, but some people deserve name-calling when it comes to idiocy.

Leonard Pitts is an editorialist who would rather pontificate about his "beliefs" instead of helping get things done and actually improving society. His latest beef is with establishing a school security program based on the Federal Flight Deck Officer system: volunteer school officials could be trained to carry arms in schools, just like security guards do all over the country at supermarkets,banks, and within 10 feet of wealthy clients.

Many teachers are former law enforcement officers and military veterans, so why shouldn't they be allowed to volunteer to continue to uphold their oaths to protect the innocent from all enemies foreign and domestic?

Arming teachers: The latest bad idea

What does Pitts say about this idea?

As others debate solutions ranging from heightened security to increased vigilance against bullying, Lasee has cut through the namby and the pamby. He wants to pass legislation that would allow properly trained teachers and administrators to carry concealed handguns on school property. . .

Me, I think Frank Lasee is simply an agent of the Zeitgeist and no one knows it yet. Or hasn't anyone else noticed our recent surplus of really bad ideas whose commonality and selling point is that they are simple. Workability? That's optional. Rationality? Overrated. . . .

Lasee's proposal is emblematic of the simple-minded schemes that bubble to the surface of the national discourse with troubling frequency these days. They are not just dumb, they're frightening, suggesting that we are becoming a people too obtuse or too impatient to grapple the complexities and gray shades of this life.

Why, Lasee's plan is too simple to work! That's it! Why did he even bother trying? We know the current school defense plans don't seem to work, but don't try thinking out the box, no sir.

Think of all the "complexities and gray shades of this life" that arise whenever (1) a nut-job (2) harms innocent people who have no means of protection. We sure need some deep thought on how to defend against that problem.


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