Friday, January 26, 2007

Apologies to Del. Manno

When posting last night around midnight (no matter what this messed up Blogger clock says) about Del. Manno's attack on preemption, I got out of hand and rhetorically told Del. Manno to "STFU."

That was totally improper, no matter how disengenuous I think Manno was being.

I should have said:

Please come clean with the voters, Del. Manno.

This is a perfect example of how RKBA people get labeled "hair trigger wackos." The same could be said of blacks in the US, or the Irish in Belfast. When people are harassed long enough, it should be no surprise when they lash out verbally at a perceived attack on their rights or dignity.

Too bad there is no context when that happens, so you end up looking like a "hair trigger wacko."


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