Saturday, April 21, 2007

In keeping with my last post:
(Charles Krouthammer sez is it wrong to politicize the VA Tech killings)

One guy commented that we shouldn't sit back and let the anti-gun-owners set the tone of the debate. I agree up to a point.

We should be doing not much more than condemning the anti-gun-owner crowd for obviously jumping to push their agenda because 1)we don't know all the facts of what happened and 2) we don't know if the anti-crowd's ideas are even relevant to fixing the problem.

Other than that, we should be countering nonsense that the BBC's claim that "machine guns are sold in US supermarkets," and that Cho's handguns were "automatic weapons more powerful that 'regular' guns."

When the funerals are over, we will take back the initiative and point out where the facts of VT help us out.


Anonymous crotalus said...

Hmmm. Castigate the anti-gun forces for their naked exploitation, and wait until after the funerals to reenter the debate...

Yes. That can work. Good advice, K-Romulus. I just didn't want to remain mute and let them go unchallenged.

11:51 AM  

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