Saturday, March 03, 2007

Black Rifle Disease strikes again!

Well, all this talk of an AWB last fall caused me to panic and run out and buy a stripped lower back in December (MEGA Machine Shop, purchased from Rainier Arms, shipped to my FFL).

Of course, like a speck from The Blob, the lower regenerated itself into a full-blown firearm. It did this by eating my entire hobby budget for the year 2007, with some help from me selling a bunch of unused stuff on the equipment exchange.

Consuming this massive amount of money allowed it to grow into a full-blown near SAM-R clone, complete with matte stainless 20" White Oak Armament service rifle barrel, purchased with White Oak bolt carrier group from ADCO, and a MEGA upper receiver from Rainier.

The scope mount is a Larue Tactical SPR 1.5 (of course) from Denny's Guns/Global Tactical. The scope is an EGay special 3x-9x Leupold MRT/M3 (I beat out some Japanese bidder who tried to bid at the last second, heh).

And the rest was pretty much scrounged from the equipment exchange and cannabalized from my parts drawer. Talk about a financial hangover; I hope it was worth it. At least I can leave it to my kid(s).


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