Friday, February 02, 2007

Still haven't forgotten about Richardson

When I get some time, I will sketch out exactly why I am supporting Richardson. Here is a snapshot:

- foreign policy experience
- executive experience running a state governorship
- smart guy
- speaks the language of the largest ethnic minority in America
- has some common sense about him


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bush and the Republicans were not protecting us on 9-11, and we aren't a lot safer now. We may be more afraid due to george bush, but are we safer? Being fearful does not necessarily make one safer. Fear can cause people to hide and cower. What do you think? Why has bush turned our country from a country of hope and prosperity to a country of belligerence and fear.
Are we safer today than we were before?
The more people that the government puts in jails, the safer we are told to think we are. The real terrorists are wherever they are, but they aren't living in a country with bars on the windows. We are.

6:54 PM  

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