Wednesday, February 21, 2007

One week until SB43 day; three until others

On the 27th of Feb., MD gun owners will (yet) again descend on Annapolis to defend our rights for the first of THREE times this legislative session.

This first hearing is on the senate bill to ban s0-called assault weapons, including ALL semi-auto pistols (I'm not kidding).

March 9 is the House hearing on all gun bills, like CCW and the allowing of Montgomery County to adopt DC-style gun control laws.

March 14 is the House hearing on the supposed "tax bill" concerning s0-called assault weapons. Half of the guns listed by name in the tax bill are already TOTALLY ILLEGAL for sale in MD, so what is the real purpose of the bill?

Dollars-to-donuts it is to get any gun-type bill onto the House floor so it can be amended into a full-blown BAN.

We cannot let that happen, at all costs. If at all possible, please be there to at least show your opposition to the Senate's so-called assault weapons ban. The senate judiciary committee is the chokepoint where we can stop a House-passed bill cold, and is our last hope (the next-to-last being the House judiciary committee).

More info on how to prep/what to do is here:



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WHAT THE HELL IS THIS CRAP???,2933,254142,00.html

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