Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More in MoCO

According to the Gazette, Hogan's vacancy is already being fought over like crabs in a barrel.

It looks like the District 39 Delegates are fighting over the Senate seat:
All three District 39 delegates, all Democrats — veterans Charles E. Barkley and Nancy J. King and freshman Saqib Ali — are thought to be interested in Hogan’s Senate seat.

King said Monday that she and Barkley have met with Senate leadership recently to discuss a suitable successor.

‘‘I think it really boils down to Charlie Barkley and me,” King said, adding that she hopes the three delegates can come to agreement on Hogan’s successor. The Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee will seek applications for the vacancy, before forwarding a name within 30 days to Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) who then has 15 days to approve or reject the nomination. . . .

Ali said Monday that he will decide soon whether he will throw his name into the mix. ‘‘It’s a great opportunity for Montgomery County to send a progressive to the state Senate, someone who will represent all our diverse communities with energy and enthusiasm,” he said.

Experience should not be the sole factor in choosing Hogan’s successor, Barkley said Monday. ‘‘When you have two delegates with a lot of experience, I think you look at them first.”

It looks like it will get pretty ugly. I will a have to research Rice and Barkley, but I can tel you for a fact that Ali, though generally a good legislator on other issues (except for the smoking ban and his apparent misunderstanding of the concept of the separation of church and state, viz. the "Jewish divorce bill"), will be a disaster for the MD 2A community. See

Assault Weapons Ban
Assault-type weapons are appearing in greater numbers in many Montgomery County communities. Well-armed criminals and gangs threaten the safety of all voters and their families, as well as the safety of our law enforcement personnel, who increasing find themselves facing military-grade firearms. We must ban the sale, ownership and use of the types of assault-type weapons used in the commission of crimes. I strongly support HB 1367 - The Maryland Assault Weapons Ban of 2006, sponsored by Delegate Neil Quinter (D-13), which is now before the legislature. With the lapse of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban in 2004, Maryland's citizns and law enforcement agencies need protection.

Eager-beaver ambition + misguided good intentions = road to hell.

I am thinking that Ali needs a sit down to explain why he is wrong on this position. Any other MoCo Democrats willing to hook up to approach him?


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