Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election results

Well, the election is over. What to say, except maybe the influx of moderate Dems will help bring some reason back to my Democratic Party at the national level.

Here in MD, though, we will have to see if all-style, no-substance, O'Malley-Brown can live up to the hype. The only real policy difference between them and Bob E./Cox is concerning gun issues. The O'Malley-Brown crowd is firmly in the ban-em-all camp, which is sad since Brown is an Army officer.

I guess one other difference is that O'Malley-Brown also fail to grasp simple economic principles ("living wage," "Wal-Mart bill," tax policy, "use magic to pay for more stuff," etc.)

Here is my take on the MD future for firearms owners:

It doesn't look great, but it is not over . . . then look at the
legislative committee makeups in the spring, esp. in the MD Senate.

The important Senate cmte is Judicial Proceedings (JPR), the one that hears all the gun-related bills.

Election results for JPR:

Pro-gun-owners: down two

Giannetti is out, Jimeno retired, so JPR will need these TWO slots filled. Stone is coming back. These three guys made up almost half of the eight Democrats on the JPR committee, and these three were all pro-gun-owner.Sens. Jacobs (R), Haines (R), and Mooney (R) are coming back. All pro-gun-owner. So with Stone (D), we have four pro-gun-owners coming back, and then we need two more to have a majority.

Anti-gun-owners: down two

Leo Green, the cmte co-chair, and Ralph Hughes, both (D) rabid anti-gun-owners, have retired. Lose two for the anti-gun-owners.

So, we need to see who will fill these FOUR open (D) slots on JPR before employing the siege engine and declaring that "it's ON!"

The MD House has been a lost cause, and now with Ceasefire MD Board Member Doug Gansler in the AG's office, the potential for a rough ride is at hand. Look at CA and MA for examples of how that could happen.

At moments like this I really miss VA.
Mark Warner? Jim Webb? Dems I could be proud of that reflect my views.

Peter Franchot? ROFL! I respect his Army service, but not his legislative record.

PA is looking pretty good right now . . . . but I refuse to throw in the towel.


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