Monday, April 23, 2007

Pro-gun-owner heresy

In light of the Cho thing, I am rethinking some basics about the whole "line in the sand" thing re:new laws. SayUncle actually got the ball rolling.

Connecticut is a shall-issue state that requires local purchase permits for handguns. The PD must give you the permits UNLESS they can disqualify you.

Same for the CT state police with the CCW.

Connecticut is a densely populated, urbanized state. Every square inch of that place seems to be inhabited.

Connecticut has a homicide rate statistically identical to Mass (2.9/100K vs 2.7/100k).

If the anti-gun-owner crowd is willing to come to the table after VT, I would accept a CT-type gun control system re:handguns.

I would NOT accept the same for long guns of all diverse backgrounds (incl SCAWs).

And like CT, no BS "gun free public property" laws that keep you from taking your licensed firearm with you to the park, hiking in national forests, or camping out there.


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