Saturday, March 21, 2009

National Park CCW on hold

Some of you guys know that National Park CCW was temporarily blocked by a federal judge in DC on Thursday. I read over he opinion and order.

My interpretation is that the judge is giving DOI until April 20 to decide what to do. She claimed that DOI failed to adequately analyze any "reasonably foreseeable" effects of the rule change, and she opined that any DGU is such an "Effect." She also said that DOI didn't provide enough explanation for why the rule change reversing past policy is needed.

I think DOI can meet these hurdles.

1) Environmental impact
DOI just needs to explain that DGU's may happen at a rate that is perhaps unquantifiable.

2) Reversing past policy
In 1983, there were pretty much NO CCW laws, so anyone carrying a loaded firearm was breaking the law. 25 years later, that is not the case.


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