Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"Feminization" of society

Via The Other Side of Kim comes an article from the UK on what should be more aptly termed the infantilization of society. I have known plenty of women who could put these guys to shame (ex. prison guard, changing their own oil, plumbing expert, etc.):

UK Times
(decline of male competence, rise of metrosexual culture)

My wife thinks I may be a closet gay because "no straight guy dresses that well." LOL

Anyway, I have been all to aware of this phenomena among my 30-something peers(esp. "New Urbanists") who can barely function apart from holding court at happy hours or dinner parties. Good thing their high salaries allows them this "lifestyle." Hope their isn't an economic downturn or anything.

I doubt it is because of lack of male influence because most of these acquantainces of mine have two-parent homes. I think it is more "lifestyle" than parenting that contributed to this sad state. At 19 I was out of the house. Nowadays, people seem to keep living at home and sponging off the folks until nigh near 30. Also, among higher-income types, manual labor of any sort is seen as "unseemly" because brain-smarts are supposed to be where it's at. Possibly, it might also be a status symbol of sorts to be able to say you have the cash to throw at a repair guy, but you justify this by claiming helplessness and being "forced" to pay someone to unclog your toilet.

Soil my hands with that wrench? Why would I do that when I just got a manicure?
Hunting? Forget it - too barbaric, "but call me T-Bone".
Plant a garden box? Too much dirt involved.
Mowing the lawn? That's for "Mexicans" (direct quote from a DC "Urban Liberal").
Car won't start? Call AAA ("what are jumper cables?").
Self-protection? "If there's a problem, just dial 911!! Guns and stuff?! That's the police's job"(another direct quote).

You get the point.

As a father for a 2 y/o, I believe it is my duty to teach my son how to do all of the above plus more. Heinlein was right: Renaissance men are needed if society it to continue. (Read Dan Simmons' Ilium to see one of the latest incarnations of this archetype)

I can guarantee you that Mujahadeen Abdul in Fallujah, or Muja Hafeez in Kandahar can do all of the above. That is why when the US completes its self-destruction within the next 20 years, Hafeez and Abdul will be telling their grandkids about The Great Satan that was, while many "New Urbanists" won't have been around long enough to have grandkids.


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