Thursday, November 16, 2006

happenings in MD gun owner front

My writings on The High Road track the development of this term's MD State Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. This was where the so-called "assault weapons ban" went to die after open-minded Democrats on JPR listened to the evidence and followed logic to kill the bogus bill.

Those six JPR pro-gun-owner votes (3xD, 3xR) beat out the five anti votes (all D) AND the entire anti-gun-owner smear machine of the Baltimore Sun and WashPost, not to mention Ceasefire MD's massive PR operation.

Now that two of these six pro-votes are not returning to office, and a total anti-gunowner administration (including a veteran - what a disgrace!) is coming into office, the makeup of JPR is crucial for the preservation of civil rights in MD.

After the election, if the prior members were getting their committee positions back, there were four unknowns to be chosen.

Two of the unknowns are now known: Jim Brochin (D-pro) and Lisa Gladden (D-anti) have been selected for JPR. Brochin was formerly on JPR before PO'g Senate Pres. Mike Miller, who replaced Brochin with Norm Stone (D-pro) last session.

Rob Garagiola (D-anti, author of state senate AWB) may be moving to another committee next year. If he goes, that means there are three open JPR seats, with the post-Gargiola stats being 5-pro:3-anti.

Del. Don Dwyer (R), the broken clock who is wrong on everything but the 2d Amendment, may pull off a squeaker against Joan Cadden and return to the MD House. Dwyer is to be credited with threatening to get a fair-issue CCW law stuck like-white-on-rice onto any AWB that appeared on the MD House floor. I am not sure how he would have done this, but reliable reports are that the anti-gun-owner house legislators feared the idea so much that they stifled the House AWB as much as they could. Dwyer's results will be known TOMORROW.

Stay tuned . . . .


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