Thursday, November 16, 2006

Murtha loses/ Hoyer large-and-in-charge

So it begins . . . my thoughts can be summed up by this comment to the article on Hoyer's ascension (except I know that Pelosi supported Murtha):

ReplyMadame Speaker,
by G S. @ 4:36am - Thu Nov 16th, 2006
You weren't listening!

You were put in power by us moderate Democrats. Just because we didn't like how far right this adminstration has gone, doesn't mean we want you to go all the way left.

Anyone in the last 8-10 years who claims to have a mandate to govern from the extreme (right or left) isn't paying attention. The close votes clearly show the bulk of the population resides somewhere near the middle.

You are about to make the same two mistakes as the Republican leadership did. 1. Govern for your extremists. 2. Surround yourself with like-thinking people in your leadership and exclude those who represent the bulk of moderate Americans.

I for one, don't think it will be possible for Democrats to get much corrected given what has been done in the last 6 years and the slim majorities, but the clock is ticking to see if what you attempt is at least what the bulk of Americans, who are in the middle, want!

The vote was 149-86 against Murtha. Night of Long Knives, indeed. Who will be next?


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