Tuesday, October 20, 2009


You can forget about me ever moving back to that hell hole. Analysis after the jump.

(NYC stops over 1 million people on the street per year)

NYC population = 8.4M

Assuming 550,000 NYC "stop and frisks" per year as a good average.

10% of those stop-and-frisks get arrested = 55,000 arrests/495,000 no arrests

Assuming 800,000 NYC arrests per year total (including those 55000 stop-and-frisk arrests).

You wind up with:
495,000 stop and frisks with no arrest
+ 800,000 total arrests
= 1,295,000 police "contacts" per year in NYC.

That means that one in seven NYC residents is either stopped and frisked by the police or outright arrested or charged for some crime or other.

One in TEN is arrested or charged with a crime.

Or, one out of 17 NYC residents is stopped on the street and frisked/searched/interrogated without being charged with any crime and their info is put into a police database.

Let that sink in for a moment.

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