Wednesday, February 28, 2007

China's Far Western Province

If today's Wall Street scare didn't convince you that we are now officially under the thumb of the Communist Chinese government, I don't know what will.

Thanks a lot, Wal-Mart. . . . and the people who couldn't bother to read the "Made in" label to see where your money (and American jobs) was going.


Monday, February 26, 2007

Off to Annapolis

Well, tomorrow is game day. I'm off to testify against SB43 (SC-AWB) and for SB 762 (CCW). If I have time when I get back, I will try to give a report, or at least link to one.

If you can't make it to the hearing, at least call the Judiciary Committee members' offices and ask them to oppose SB43 and support SB762. Here is a resource for calling:

MD Shooters Post w/info

If you call, be sure to be polite. It also helps if you are from the same county as the Senator; even better, their district.

This year it is no joke. The AG ( and CeasefireMD Board Member) Doug Gansler, the Governor, and even the crackpot Comptroller have all come in support of the ban. It remains to be seen who shows up at the hearing tomorrow, but it will definitely be interesting. A few years ago I even "got" to sit next to Sarah Brady.

Luckily for us, the Maryland State Fraternal Order of Police is AGAINST the ban as a waste of police resources. Maybe we should listen to the field officers and not the politically-appointed administrators (hear that, Chief Manger?!)

Friday, February 23, 2007

W&M down the toilet

As my bro' inartfully informed me, this is what happened in my old homestead:

College of William and Mary Hosts Sex Worker Show on Campus

Friday , February 23, 2007

The same college that recently removed a traditional cross from the campus chapel allowed a controversial sex workers' show to come give students an event complete with stripteases, feather boas and sex toys.

The College of William and Mary in Virginia last week hosted a Sex Workers' Art Show for a crowd of more than 400 in an auditorium in the University Center, reported The Virginia Gazette. Another 300 people were turned away.

The goal of the show, which was sponsored and hosted by a number of student groups, was to empower the actors by portraying the realities of their careers, according to the Gazette. Money to host the event came out of student activity fees.

Click here to read The Virginia Gazette story

For example, Jo Weldon shared her story of how a stripper job helped pay her way through college and graduate school. But other performances were more risqué, reported the Gazette.

A woman named Dirty Martini, who weighed more than 200 pounds, did a striptease in a G-string and pasties, while a woman named Cono Snatch Zubobinskaya gave an anti-war performance that included a dildo shaped like a gun, the newspaper said.

But not everyone on campus was entertained.

"I think it's a totally inappropriate use of student funds," Ken Petzinger, a physics professor, told the Gazette. "It's in conflict with other values the college has."

President Gene Nichol issued a statement saying: "I don't like this kind of show and I don't like having it here … But it's not the practice and province of universities to censor or cancel performances because they are controversial."

Nichol has come under fire in recent months for his decision to order a cross removed that sat in the campus' Wren Chapel altar for more than 60 years. Nichol said his decision, which he made late last year, was aimed at making the chapel more welcoming to students of all faiths.

The school's Board of Visitors has sided with Nichol, even though some donors have said they will withhold donations until the chapel is restored.

"While William and Mary President Gene Nichol opposes the display of a cross in Wren chapel, he apparently is not offended by a display of campus cross-dressers," the American Family Association (AFA) said in a statement, as reported by

Man, that neighborhood sure went down hill after I moved out (LOL)!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

One week until SB43 day; three until others

On the 27th of Feb., MD gun owners will (yet) again descend on Annapolis to defend our rights for the first of THREE times this legislative session.

This first hearing is on the senate bill to ban s0-called assault weapons, including ALL semi-auto pistols (I'm not kidding).

March 9 is the House hearing on all gun bills, like CCW and the allowing of Montgomery County to adopt DC-style gun control laws.

March 14 is the House hearing on the supposed "tax bill" concerning s0-called assault weapons. Half of the guns listed by name in the tax bill are already TOTALLY ILLEGAL for sale in MD, so what is the real purpose of the bill?

Dollars-to-donuts it is to get any gun-type bill onto the House floor so it can be amended into a full-blown BAN.

We cannot let that happen, at all costs. If at all possible, please be there to at least show your opposition to the Senate's so-called assault weapons ban. The senate judiciary committee is the chokepoint where we can stop a House-passed bill cold, and is our last hope (the next-to-last being the House judiciary committee).

More info on how to prep/what to do is here:


Friday, February 02, 2007

Still haven't forgotten about Richardson

When I get some time, I will sketch out exactly why I am supporting Richardson. Here is a snapshot:

- foreign policy experience
- executive experience running a state governorship
- smart guy
- speaks the language of the largest ethnic minority in America
- has some common sense about him

CeasefireMD to push for AWB special session?

Someone on the InterWeb made mention of this, but I have no way to verify it. Does anyone know anything about it?

Joe Biden: 2d hatchet job victim of 2008

Poor Joe. Little did he know that the knives could be brought out against him.

I just shook my head at the latest non-event of Biden's "clean comment" scandal. Geezes K. Rhist, you have to got to be kidding me. At least criticize the guy for something he actually did (i.e, being a rabid anti-gun-owner).

This reminds me of the non-event of the 2006 elections: the Harold Ford bimbogate scandal. I saw the video, and there was not one thing wrong with it (other than her hair).

The first hatchet job victim of 2008 was John Kerry after his "Stuck in Iraq" comment. Any dimwit with two brain cells to rub together could tell that Kerry was talking about GWB, not the average soldier/sailor/Marine/airman.

But the knives came out for Kerry because, like the Republicans in 2000, a certain crowd is seeking to win at all costs, even if it means showing their ass (love that NC colloquialism).

Meanwhile, pod-Bama was for Biden before he was against him. The next few years should be interesting . . . .
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